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Founded in 1937, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has established a solid foundation and attained remarkable achievements under the able leadership of its past Council Members and Presidents as well as with the dedicated efforts of staff, students and alumni. Over the years, PolyU has nurtured more than 300,000 graduates, many of whom have become movers and shakers in business and industry, and leaders in their professions. In addition, the research and innovation of our scholars have not only won applause and honour, but also met the needs of society, the nation and the world, bringing benefits to mankind.

With increased globalization and the development of a knowledge-based economy, the University will have to shoulder even greater responsibility. PolyU has thus revisited and revised its vision and mission at this critical moment in its development so as to reflect the University’s objectives more appropriately and to lead the University community in meeting the challenges of the new era.

PolyU’s new vision is “Be a leading university that excels in professional education, applied research and partnership for the betterment of Hong Kong, the nation and the world.” Our missions are to: nurture outstanding graduates; advance knowledge and the frontiers of technology to meet the needs of society; and support a University community in which all members can excel.

PolyU is committed to upholding the spirit of our motto - “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind” - and we will spare no effort in fulfilling our new missions. We sincerely look forward to continued strong support from different sectors of the community, and with our concerted efforts, we are confident that the University will continue to move from strength to strength.

President Sign
Timothy W. Tong, Ph.D.

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